The full service Spa at Paradise Hills is an oasis of serenity, relaxation and rejuvenation. World Class service in the heart of the Blue Ridge mountains.


As part of the serene experience, all guests have unlimited access to the spa facilities which include a steaming rock sauna  and aromatherapy lounge offering hot beverages and light snacks.

There are 3 spa treatment rooms for customized treatments to include several types of massage and many complimenting body treatments. All customized treatments are described and priced in our menu. Staff at The Spa are here to answer any questions so feel free to call for treatment recommendations. Please allow at least 1 week notice  for scheduling your treatments.


RELAXATION MASSAGE     This classic European, light to medium touch, full body massage induces relaxation, improves circulation and relieves overall tension. Heat and long, Swedish soothing strokes calm your body and mind. Great for First time Spa goers.     60 minutes $65 ~ 90 minutes $95……….Add-on Aromatherapy ~ $5 

THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE     Release tension and pain in specific areas with this custom designed massage. The therapist utilizes various Deep Tissue, Sports, Neuromuscular, Thai and Myo-facial Release techniques to provide relief to troubled areas.     60 minutes $75 ~ 90 minutes $105 

ANCIENT HOT STONES MASSAGE     An Ancient Native American technique of using basalt stones to massage your body, releasing therapeutic warmth that increases circulation, releases tension and produces a deep state of relaxation.     60 minutes $90 ~ 90 minutes $120………. Add-on Aromatherapy ~ $5

THAI YOGA MASSAGE      An Ancient remedy in its native Thailand, this powerful massage blends rhythmic pressure point techniques and yogic muscle stretching to release tension, increase flexibility and promote overall health. Please wear comfortable, loose clothing.     30 minutes $45 ~ 60 minutes $75 

NECK-SHOULDER-BACK MASSAGE      Have you ever wanted your therapist to forgo the full body massage and just pay extra special attention to your back pain, shoulder tension, or neck stiffness? This massage offers just that! It is a combination of relaxing Swedish and Therapeutic Deep Tissue. We recommend this session for guests coping with pain and tension from headaches, too much computer use, TMJ, carpal-tunnel syndrome, scoliosis and other office or sports related injuries.      30 minutes $45 

PARADISE HILLS SIGNATURE MASSAGE     This therapeutic treatment combines the power of pure essential oils with a specialized massage drawn from the traditions of both the East and West. Concentrating on the scalp, face, neck, shoulders, back and feet, this massage helps to balance your nervous system, transporting both your body and mind into deep relaxation.     60 minutes $90 ~ 90 minutes $120 


FACIAL REJUVENATION     This treatment will bring new life to your skin. Enjoy a 6 step process using gentle cleansers, exfoliating natural minerals, a soothing facial mask of your choice and moisturizing lotion. Customized to your skin’s texture and elasticity. Each facial includes a scalp, neck, shoulder and arm massage.     60 minutes $75 

MOUNTAIN EXPRESS FACIAL     A great pick me up offered as an “add on” to a massage or body treatment. Gentle cleansing and toning, light exfoliation followed by facial massage with healing balm and a hydrating application of lotion makes this a great extension to any Spa service. Includes a scalp massage.     30 minutes $45 

MINERAL SOAK     A revitalizing experience that relaxes the entire body and prepares it for massage. An aromatic infusion of essential oils is combined with salts from the Dead Sea, high in magnesium, penetrates the body and draws out impurities. Relax in our full submersion tub.     25 minutes $20 

DETOXIFYING MUSTARD BATH     A delicious herbal experience that detoxifies the entire body through hydrotherapy. An aromatic infusion of mustard seed powder, eucalyptus, wintergreen, thyme and rosemary penetrates the body and draws out acid waste & toxins.     25 minutes $30 

HERBAL BODY SALT SCRUB     Discover the nourishing power of pure herbal infusions while enjoying their aromatherapy. A great treatment to exfoliate the whole body and remove all dead cellular debris leaving your skin smooth and glowing. Full shower follows treatment service.     45 minutes $65 

FRENCH & SEDONA RED CLAY MUD BODY MASK     The most effective ant-oxidant and anti-aging formulation with clays and essential oils… this treatment helps even out dimpled skin, reduce the aging lines and helps damaged skin. Full shower follows treatment service.     45 minutes $65 

FOOTLOOSE & FANCY FREE     A 4 part foot remedy to free the feet of aches and pains… soak – exfoliate – mud mask – massage. A great add-on to any spa treatment.     30 minutes $45 

*Prices and Treatments are subject to change without notice*

Printable version of our  Spa Etiquette.

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   Spa Hours


  • Monday – Thursday  10 a.m. – 4 p.m.
  • Friday – Saturday  10 a.m. – 6 p.m.
  • Closed Sunday 

After hour appointments available upon request

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